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.Wednesday, January 26, 2011 ' 5:54 AM Y
day happened to be shine-d by stars...


today is 26 jan 2011
today is wednesday
today is jaejoong's birthday!!!
happy birthday to him!!!

.Wednesday, October 20, 2010 ' 7:22 AM Y
day happened to be shine-d by stars...

im so sad and angry

im so sad and angry
i duno why
why must some people do this and that to me
when i feel so bad and mean
i uttered to myself
why must be in this
so aiyo
aiyo aiyo aiyo
aiyo nvm then
i angry and sad only hurt myself
ok now relax and smile
biggest smile on earth

.Tuesday, September 28, 2010 ' 5:39 PM Y
day happened to be shine-d by stars...


.Wednesday, August 11, 2010 ' 2:23 AM Y
day happened to be shine-d by stars...

so angry lah
wat kind of excuse is this
if i like then i will go rite
so wat you know one more thing
its not like i will still pass rite
not i like i am going to pass the final exam rite
7 already enough liao still wanna to add on
think im superman is it

.Saturday, January 2, 2010 ' 2:58 AM Y
day happened to be shine-d by stars...

holiday ending

holiday ending soon
in 2 days time
or less than 2 days
went to visit the doctor today
all because of my ankel
so the result is rest from PE foe a wk and from ballet for 3 months...cry
i think iw ill be rusted by then
finally hw done
only that i haven go through my math with shuen
went sentosa yesterday
nothing fun because it was raining when we reach thr
anyway he fun thing is the raining
it hapens like i was walking towards the beach then my mom called me to run
then i saw this heavy rain coming from afar
then i chiong for my life
the weather not so gd these days
holiday ending soon
what had i done?
sunddenly im in ear 2010
its like so fast
i have a feeling that i had just taken my PSLE
then im sec 2 already
never let me go is a nice book
except for some parts its a bit...erm...not suitable for young children
anyway i enjoy reading
so the aim of this talk is....go and buy the book...if u can find it
i spend ages looking for it anyway
so boring at home
all because of my ankel
then cant go out...
all because of yesterday going out
it worsen the situation
then i have to wake up so early today to go see doctor...
happy school days anyway
and enjoy ur last day of the holiday...cya in sch

.Monday, December 14, 2009 ' 5:01 AM Y
day happened to be shine-d by stars...


finally back after a looooooooooong time
wat to say?
holiday is ending soon again
band prac tmr again
this time without teo and Chang
who knows how bored will it be
no idea
tmr the dsa will be coming
heard that its a korean girl
everyone is looking forward to it
sadly this year only 2 dsa
not lik last year we hav 6 of us
now still hav a lot of hw haven do finish
lik La math history chinese and om...
my life sucks without music
didnt download songs for a very long time
i think im rotting without music
the la book is fianlly down at my doorstep
thats why i name the title finally
so many finallies
now i hav to hurry up to read the book and do the hw in a completely rush
anyway im not angry
yes im very calm
ya lik real
nothing to post liao
i think recallign memories will make me mad
so i will end here then :) sweet smile fake smile
ladies and gentlemen pls get a goodnight sleep then
hope you all will not hav nightmares...lol

.Tuesday, November 17, 2009 ' 6:35 AM Y
day happened to be shine-d by stars...

ankel hurts

long time no post
sad thing to say
i twisted my ankel last sat in a very stupid way
here i am a 6 years ballet dancer and yet fall on my ankel when doing turning in the air
hurts man
we did om discussion on mon wif amanda kahpoh and wanxin.
we shopped for wanxin's bday present at jurong point
we bought a set of musical stuff for her since she LOVES music so much
met tss the other day
i was lik i wanna go class outing but not free
shes lik 'me too'
then i ask when is class outing
she then say "dun u know its yesterday?
i was lik ..........
today is a bit busy lah
early in the morning band prac
surprisingly beilin was late
i asked her y
shes lik i thought no band then wake up at 8 then sb sms her say got band then chiong to sch
i was lik who on earth is the one who tells u no band
did marching
hav to say its much better now...
my ankel hurts from marching for 45 min!!!
really tiring...
i fall asleep on the bus immediately
still got a lot of hw to do...
la haven even started...doing cl sia but then i also duno must do until which pianzhang
math haven do yet...om still trying hard
y life is lik this...
haha...i quote that phrase from a song
i wanna go for movies!!!
i promised serene one movie...promised alicia one movie...promised binhui one movie...
going bankrupt liao lah
goodnight...night...night...kids...nice dreams


Zhou Jing Wen
XNPS, 6B'08


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